Victorian visitors were struck by the similarities between Torbay and the South of France with its sandy beaches, blue sky and beautiful palm-lined coastline hence it was given the title ‘The English Riviera’. Torbay was a popular resort for the affluent who often used it as a winter health resort.


This beautiful Devon hotel offers an air of grace and sophistication by maintaining many of these majestic buildings traditional features and combining these with stylish modern elements. Built in a time when luxury, comfort and relaxation were of the highest importance by the family of the Singer Sewing Machine fame, the Palace Hotel, Paignton is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your holiday in Torbay.


The hotel was originally called the Villa Syracusa, a private residence built as a British holiday home for the Russian Romanoff family in the 1850’s. Since this period, the building has mainly served its guests as a hotel, lending itself perfectly to the hospitality industry with its beautiful sea views for guests to enjoy. The Headland Hotel has kept many of its original features, such as mosaic-tiled floors. This combined with many fabulous modern aspects to make your stay here one to remember.


The Queens Hotel was built originally as a row of small guesthouses on Queens Road. When the current owner, Steve Furness bought the guesthouse on the end of the terrace in 1997 and made it a success, he planned to buy the neighboring guesthouses to expand into a hotel. By 2001, the whole building of terrace guesthouses were part of the Queens Hotel, boasting 76 cosy ensuite guest bedrooms.